non-invasive treatments for slimming, toning, and rejuvenating your skin

The cryo-difference

Cryotherapy for fat loss.

Fat freezing is a revolutionary alternative to liposuction, safe and non-invasive.

Over 70 scientific and clinical papers have been published by renowned doctors and researchers which demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of the procedure when applied correctly.

The low temperatures cause the fat cells under the skin to die naturally. This phenomenon is called apoptosis. The dead fat cells are then disposed of via the lymphatic system and normal body processes within 2 to 3 weeks. This elimination process is perfectly natural and harmless for the body. There is an immediate inch loss at the end of the fat freezing session, but the final result will be achieved 2 weeks after when the elimination of waste will be complete. Once the fat cells are gone they will never come back, although a healthy diet is recommended after the treatment to prevent the remaining fat cells from enlarging.

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When it comes to Cryoskin treatments, Sunsational Wellness is the place to be, especially with Jordan leading the way! Jordan's got the skills and know-how to customize every session just for you, ensuring you get the results you're after. So, if you're looking for a friendly, expert touch to help you reach your goals, Sunsational Wellness with Jordan is where it's at!

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